Xoie can autonomously chat and engage in conversation with anyone on any topic via 5 levels of the proprietary linguistic database. We developed one of the most advanced and complex hierarchical and context-sensitive communication algorithms. Xoxe has one of the world’s most advanced vision and hearing
Complex Biological Inspired Head
Over 1000 details, Parts, and components
User Friendly Software
Touch screen full control software
Tele Operation Enabled
Tele Operation software allows users to operate the robot to full capacity
face moveable muscles
Advanced face Actuators mimic human-like head movements and facial expressions
Fully Autonomous Head & Neck
The Head and Neck are fully Autonomous


Understands 120 languages, including American Sign Language.

Science Reality Is The Present​

Cognitive architectures and State of the art communication technology

over 4 Trillion operations/sec
Face & Emotion Detection
Face & Speech Recognition
Body & Person Segmentation
Identification & Re-identification
Hearing Emotion Detection

Object Detection & Environmental 3D mapping
Body pose Detection
Speech Synthesis & Lip sync
Depth awareness & Real Time tracking
age Prediction

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