Enhancing human intelligence and cognition

LLMs with Eyes, Ears, Faces, Emotions, and memories.

transcend the limitations of time & space


AI Virtual Assistant and Digital Persona
Fully customizable AI Assistant learns users habits and preferences to serve the best allowing users to choose a name, select an avatar, determine the functions and mode, and enable features based on specific needs.

Elders & People

Coco can greatly improve the quality of life for elders allowing them to maintain their independence and improve their overall well-being.

Deaf & Speech impairments people

AI-powered assistants are beneficial for individuals with hearing disabilities. Using computer vision to translate sign language or gestures into speech instantly, AI Assistants speak on behalf of users. Voice systems can learn the user’s pronunciation over time and translate their words into clear, normalized speech in audio. Additionally, aid individuals with speech impairments in communicating face-to-face with others.

Digital Workers, Receptionist, Hospitality, Retail

Virtual employees complement and enhance human work by utilizing a combination of AI, machine learning, and analytics.

Education & Entertainment

Enhance education and entertainment by providing immersive and interactive learning experiences and entertainment options.

Blind & visually impaired people

Our technology provides an integrated vision system that can greatly assist individuals who are blind. With our system, they will gain a comprehensive understanding of their surroundings, giving them a “third eye” to help them overcome daily tasks. Our AI Assistant allows visually impaired individuals to easily convey visual information through voice commands. Our advanced vision technology can even identify and recognize faces, products, colors, ages, genders, clothing, and other visual cues, giving them a heightened level of independence.