Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, and Tech Titans Back Humanoid Robot Startup: A Game-Changer for AI

In a recent report by Bloomberg News, it has been revealed that Jeff Bezos, founder of, along with Nvidia Corp. and other prominent technology companies, are investing in a startup called Figure AI. This startup, which is also backed by OpenAI and Microsoft, is focused on developing human-like robots, marking a significant leap forward in the field of artificial intelligence.

At Ai Life, under the visionary leadership of CEO Anoush Sadegh, we are thrilled to witness such groundbreaking developments in the AI industry. The investment in Figure AI signifies a growing recognition of the potential of humanoid robotics to revolutionize various sectors, from manufacturing to retail.

The Bloomberg report indicates that Figure AI is raising approximately $675 million in a funding round, with a pre-money valuation of about $2 billion. Jeff Bezos has committed $100 million through his firm Explore Investments LLC, while Microsoft, Nvidia, and Amazon-affiliated funds are also contributing substantial amounts to the funding round.

This surge in investment in artificial intelligence startups comes in the wake of the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a viral chatbot that captured global attention in November 2022. Investors are now recognizing the immense potential of AI-driven technologies and are eager to support startups that are at the forefront of innovation.

Among the backers of Figure AI are Intel’s venture capital arm, LG Innotek, Samsung’s investment group, as well as venture firms Parkway Venture Capital and Align Ventures. This diverse group of investors underscores the widespread interest and confidence in Figure AI’s mission and technology.

As Ai Life continues to push the boundaries of AI and robotics with our flagship products XOIE and COCO, we are excited to see how Figure AI’s developments will shape the future of AI-driven technologies. With XOIE and COCO, our AI Living Virtual Human and Humanoid Robots, we are committed to creating innovative solutions that have a meaningful impact on society.

In the posted picture, a person has a conversation with Humanoid Robots XOIE and COCO from Ai Life, on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 10, 2024. This demonstrates our dedication to showcasing cutting-edge AI technology at prestigious events.

While Figure AI’s focus is on developing general-purpose humanoid robots for various environments and tasks, including warehouses and retail settings, we believe that our shared vision of harnessing the power of AI for positive change aligns perfectly with their mission.

As the AI industry continues to evolve rapidly, collaborations and partnerships between innovative companies like Ai Life and Figure AI will play a crucial role in driving progress and shaping the future of AI-driven technologies.

Stay tuned to Ai Life for more updates on the latest trends and innovations in AI and robotics. Together, let’s change the future through the power of artificial intelligence and robotics.