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about us


We are a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Humanoids. We specialize in creating AI Living Virtual Humans and Humanoid Robots. Our technology has the potential to significantly change the way we work in the future through autonomous and human-supervised teleoperation.
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Our mission at the Robotic and AI Lab is to pioneer groundbreaking advancements in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. We are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that enhance human capabilities, improve quality of life, and solve complex challenges facing society. Through cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and ethical practices, we aim to lead the way in shaping a future where technology and humanity converge harmoniously for the betterment of the world.


Our vision is to be at the forefront of transforming the future through robotics and artificial intelligence. We aspire to develop technologies that not only push the boundaries of what is possible but also promote a deeper understanding and responsible integration of AI and robotics in everyday life. We envision a world where our innovations drive positive change, empower individuals, and create a more intelligent, efficient, and sustainable society. Our commitment is to foster an environment of excellence, creativity, and ethical responsibility, paving the way for a future where technology enhances human potential and leads to a more equitable and prosperous world for all.


To innovate and advance robotic and AI technologies that substantially simplify and improve human life, with a dedicated emphasis on enhancing the health, education, and entertainment sectors. Our aim is to develop intelligent solutions that not only make everyday tasks more manageable but also revolutionize healthcare by providing advanced diagnostic tools, personalized treatment options, and efficient patient care. In education, we strive to create more engaging, interactive, and tailored learning experiences, while in the entertainment industry, we aim to offer more immersive and interactive forms of media. Our overarching objective is to build accessible, user-friendly technologies that foster a healthier, more educated, and enriched global society, ultimately leading to a better quality of life for all.


Our AI technologies collaborate with humans to solve complex challenges, learning from human behavior and alerting users when it lacks necessary information or cannot be trusted. The trust-reporting mechanism allows humans to trust the AI while enabling it to make informed decisions. This paradigm leads us to highly objective and trustworthy decisions, allowing human and artificial intelligence to collaborate harmoniously